Corporate strategy

OMB, as a provider of comprehensive services in sales management, business development,

process management and organizational development, is pursuing a substantial growth course.

The growth is to be secured in the long term through three business lines

- Sales and Marketing, Interim Management, and Management Consulting.












This chart shows you how we can work together with you in order

to become successfull for your company.


Through our three business areas we offer a comprehensive service. Furthermore, we ensure

that we offer our customers a holistic solution.Finally, with acting on three businesses for

our company we can balance for fluctuations in demand and in the market .

Thus, in the medium term, a continuous growth is guaranteed.

Another content of our strategy is our global orientation in the markets of Europe and Asia.

As a strategic gateway, we would like to provide our customers an access to these markets.

Growth is based on internationalization. That's why we have locations there.

INTERIM Management

As Interim Manager we support your company in a short term(up to 6 months) in case of shortages, or lack of resources, as well as in other cases where fast and successful sales support is needed - also internationally.

As Interim Manager we help your sales or marketing and offer you our functions as sales manager,

division manager, or C-Level manager (CSO). We can also support you as a project manager,

or a sales coach on an interim basis (for 1-5 days per week).

Sales and Marketing

We offer our service as Sales Manager for your company at short-term contracts.

We are also pleased to cooperate with you, either as industry representative,

or as sales service provider.

With our Sales Manager we can support you in your business development in European and Asian countries and thus be able to prepare a stage for your foreign business to succeed. We are specialised in business development within B2B environment, especially from Germany to Japan, or vice versa!


As Management Consultant, we question your business models and optimize processes, create clarity and new approaches, so that strategies and projects in terms of content and culture lead to success.

As Management Consultant, we have many years of management and leadership experience in international business and we will take place our cross-cultural experience in dealing with complex management and project tasks from abroad.