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OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH

Michael Eckardt

Interim Manager DDI

Interim & Consulting
International Sales
OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH
Interim Manager Vertrieb

Your Expert for Sales, Business Development
and Key Account Management as
𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗺 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗿 + 𝗘𝘅𝗲𝗰𝘂𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗮𝗻𝘁
with Sales experience on an international level

  B2B – S A L E S




OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH | Hohenstaufenring 62
50674 Köln | +49 221 2601 6343 |

OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH
Interimmanagement Vertrieb

Ich unterstütze in den Bereichen Vertriebsmanagement / Key Account Management / Business Development und Auftragsmanagement / Customer-Service.

Dabei setze ich meine langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und der Veränderung von Vertriebsorganisationen sowie bei der Führung von Vertriebsteams und im Aufbau eines internationalen Vertriebes ein. Im internationalen Austausch mit Kunden / Partnern übernehme ich Preisverhandlungen, wende Preis-/und Produktstrategien an, sowie durch schnelles Verstehen der Marktentwicklung / Kundenbedürfnisse helfe ich bei der Produktpositionierung am Markt.

Unternehmen profitieren durch meine Expertise von einem substanziellen Wachstum, einer kürzeren Entwicklung in der Internationalisierung sowie von passgenauen Geschäftsmodellen und Neuausrichtungen des Vertriebes mit schlagkräftigen KAM-Konzepten.


  • Vertriebsmanagement

  • Business Development

  • Internationaler Vertrieb

  • Aufbau und Organisation von Key Accounts

  • Entwicklung / Optimierungen von Vertriebsprozessen

  • Beratung strategischer Vertrieb

  • Key Account Management

  • Customer Service / Order Management

  • Change von Vertriebsorganisationen

  • Führung Vertriebsteam

  • Coaching Führungskräfte Vertrieb

Interim Manager Vertrieb

With the motivation to maximize the results through analytical, structured and entrepreneurial action, I develop tailored sales strategies for you. You benefit from my ability to quickly  REGONIZE  suitable solutions for your problems and challenges for your company.

As a passionate sales manager, interim manager or consultant I prepare your company to meet the needs of new markets, customer experience and the acquisition of new customers. Thanks to my many years of management experience, I can  REALIZE  tailor-made solutions quickly, purposefully and successfully.

Vertrieb Japan Beratung  Yokohama Office

I particularly love holistic challenges in technical B2B sales, along the entire supply chain, but always customer-oriented. My mission is to  REACH  sustainable, substantial growth by implementing new, suitable business models, especially for your international business.

Was ich leiste...


B2B Vertrieb
Interim Manager Vertrieb Sales
B2B - S A L E S

Setup and Optimization in        •

Sales management

Use of VSM / VCA Methods for       •

process optimization

Restructuring and development of   •

sales organizations

Development and implementation  •

of tailor-made sales strategies

Taking over of temporary     •

management positions

•   Streamlining of sales programs,

                  standardization of conditions

•   Consultation and active sales in German-

               Japanese business (on-site)

•   Development / management of  inter-

          national sales organizations (on-site)

•   Optimization of order processes

                  and introductions to ERP systems

•   Development of new business models

          insbesondere zur Internationalisierung


Konzeptionierung und Umsetzung neuer Geschäftsmodelle, Bewertungen, Anpassung veränderter Marktbedingungen

---> erzielen nachhaltiges Wachstums

interimistische Leitung von Vertriebsteams


Teambildung und Assessments

---> positive Änderungen in Organisation

Interim Manager



Change Manager

interim basis


project support


Warum ich biete...


Interim Manager Vertrieb
Vertrieb Beratung Japan Yokohama OMB Office

  …from my toolbox

  • SWOT

  • VSM / VCA


  • CRM

  • KAM / BDM

  • MS Office

  … and more

• As an expert, with hands-on mentality and holistic point of view, I analyze and structure your

   situation. Based on this, I develop individual sales strategies taking into account the needs of

   your customers.                               --> sustainable and substantial growth

• Benefit from my knowledge and experience of around 30 years in national and international

   B2B business. I like to share this with your team and lead it safely through the

   change process.                                --> targeted implementation of the measures

• As a coordinator in your company, I act in an interdisciplinary and communicative,

   manner, creating clarity. That is why I involve all departments in the process and

   convince your employees                  --> to actively participate in change processes.


• As an experienced sales professional, KAM, project manager, sales manager, managing

   director, strategist or hands-on manager, I make your company fit and lead your team

   into internationalization.                    --> Increasing efficiency by expanding

• How can I support you on an interim or advisory basis?

   In a first conversation, I would like to convince you of my expertise with effective

   and proven examples.                       --> arrange an appointment with me!

Warum Sie profitieren

Case Studies

Opportunities of International Sales
Interim Manager Vertrieb
Vertrieb Beratung Japan Michael Eckardt

+ With market consultancy for foreign SMEs, in various industries 22 business initiations are realized

+ Modernization and restructuring of inside sales (3 OE) led to optimal order processes

+ Sales locations established (Japanese SME in Germany, German Tier 1 in India + Japan

+ With a systematic internationalization of an SME, 4 orders achieved in the first year

+ Sales growth through systematic internationalization of 100% in 3 years

+ Market leadership in premium segment in the European market (> 60%)

+ Mandate as series supplier in new projects with Japanese OEMs

+ Business development for new product line-up, acquisition of 3 new OEMs

+ Development + implementation of a business model led to new market shares of 10%

+ Product optimization + variant reduction streamlined the sales program by 67%

+ Standardization of sales processes improved flow of communication

+ Reduction of special logistics costs by> 50% within 8 months

+ Process optimization in key account led to quick response times

... and more ...

Wo ich tätig bin...


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OMB Vertriebsmanagement GmbH

Hohenstaufenring 62

50674 KÖLN


Office:  +49 221 2601 6343

Mobile: +49 176 5787 5742

Vertrieb Beratung Japan Michael Eckardt Yokohama Office
International Sales
Interim & Beratung

International Sales - Opportunity for medium enterprise

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