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Comprehensive service for your target market!
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International Sales
Vertrieb Workshop Japan

• Our specialty in international sales is the combination of the skills of a key account manager and an industry

   representative or sales agent. We act with the necessary sales representation and competence in your target

   market.                                                                          -->... we are your gateway in the growth market

• We can act on behalf of the company and offer the necessary infrastructure so that your first step in

   international B2B business is successful - without high investments (sparing liquidity) and without tying up

   resources.                                                                      --> ... we are your face to the customers desk

• As internationally experienced sales professionals, we know the cultural, economic and legal peculiarities. Our

   many years of international management and leadership experience, as well as our international experience

   enable you to start effectively.                                    --> ... from day one!

• We develop your tailored market entry strategy for your complex technical products for the Tier 1 and Tier 2

   market, as well as for OEM customers. The development of an individual business model and development

   of your international sales is mandatory.                   --> ... with the right business case to success!

• How can we support you in your internationalization strategy? In a first conversation,

   let's talk about the possibilities of internationalization to achieve profitable growth for your 

   company.                                                                      --> ... make an appointment with us!

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